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Laurence Eastwood has recently returned to architecture after a successful career designing for Theatre, Film and Television.

The recent design and construction of his own award winning home on the Western Foreshores of Pittwater has led to other commissions in the area with an emphasis on environmentally sustainable dwellings.


A number of recent designs have used the ‘pavilion‘ method to overcome difficult steep sites under protected tree canopies. Laurence’s own home on the Western Foreshores of Pittwater was joint Winner Pittwater 2006 Civic Design Awards - New Residential, it also received a Sustainability Award.


Designing and building on the ecologically sensitive water-access-only Western Foreshores and Scotland Island requires special consideration, this transposes well to the equally sensitive Pittwater Peninsula and Northern Beaches. Eastwood Design specialises in creating designs that not only fulfil the clients individual needs, but are inventive in the use of materials and spatial relationships.


Having initially studied Architecture in London, Laurence diverted to study Theatre Design and Production at E15 Acting School.


In 1970, he emigrated to Australia where he joined John Bell, Ken Horler and Richard Wherrett in the formation of the Nimrod Theatre Company at the now Stables Theatre where he designed and production managed many productions including Hamlet, The Removalists, Summer of the 17th Doll and Much Ado About Nothing.


During the late 70’s and 80’s, he continued design for the Belvoir Theatre and STC, productions including Comedy of Errors, Jumpers, Elocution of Benjamin Franklin, The Sea, Celluloid Heros, Cabaret, As you Like It and Emerald City. During this period, Laurence also designed a number of Film and TV productions. These included Newsfront (Art Director), A Town like Alice, Phar Lap, The Last Bastion, The Empty Beach, Ginger Meggs and Crocodile Dundee 2. 


Then in the late 80’s and 90’s, designs included The Delinquents, Weekend with Kate, Under the Lighthouse Dancing, Country Life, Wind (USA) Stark, The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy while continuing to design for theatre including commercial productions of The Odd Couple, Rumours and Emerald City for London’s West End.

In the last decade Laurence has continued film design for The Three Stooges, The Natalie Wood Story, Dynasty (USA productions) and theatre design for The Club and Influence at the STC and Hamlet for Bell Shakespeare.


Laurence served six years as Head of Design at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) as well as returning to architecture, designing renovations for a number of Paddington terraces. Recently Laurence designed three new dwellings on the Western Foreshores of Pittwater.

Commercial work has included conventions for IBM and Coca Cola, TV commercials, retail and nightclub interiors.


Morning Bay Residence Joint Winner of Pittwater Councils Urban Design Award, New Residential 2006. Also Sustainability Merit Award.

Newsfront (As Art Director) AFI Awards, Best Production Design

Phar Lap Sydney Film Critics Awards, Best Production Design



"Laurence Eastwood belongs in the highly select company of the world’s finest film artists. He is widely regarded as Australia’s most distinguished production designer; he has received a great many AFI Award nominations for his excellent work, and in my reviews of films to which he has contributed, I have often noted the distinction he has brought to the Australian cinema." David Stratton 1992 "Emerald City, The Club and now this. (Influence) You really are the best in the business and I was very lucky to get you for this one." David Williamson



Influence - "Laurence Eastwood’s salubrious set works a treat" Bryce Hallet, SMH

The Club - "another of Laurence Eastwood’s handsome and detailed designs…" Bryce Hallet, SMH

West Side Story - "The stage is enfolded by Larry Eastwood’s towering black, metallic construction of gangways, catwalks and zig-zagging fire stairs…….it is the West Side, a dark seething maze that is both prison and engine room. It is Mr Eastwood’s masterpiece." H G Kippax, SMH

Jack - "Mr Eastwood’s setting of this difficult play is maybe his best in a career already crowded with distinctive achievements in stage design" H G Kippax, SMH "…the real star of the night is the set by Larry Eastwood" Taffy Davis, Sun Herald

The Gin Game - "Larry Eastwood has designed a wonderfully solid, realistic set to give substance to the play." K. Brisbane, The Australian



The Delinquents - "Technically, pic is good, with great care taken by production designer Laurence Eastwood to make the late 50’s setting as authentic as possible." David Stratton, Variety

Country Life "Production values are top drawer, notably…Laurence Eastwood’s sumptuous design…" David Stratton, Variety

Dead-End Drive In "…the delightfully scrungy production design of Larry Eastwood, film is handsome to look at." David Stratton, Variety

The Empty Beach "…Eastwood must share some of the credit for the way this film, catches Sydney’s self-consciously sophisticated notion of itself as Sin City." Neil Jillett, The Age



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