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Paddington Terrace 

Designers own home.  A second bedroom was created in the attic with the stairs forming part of an office desk. The bookcase/wardrobe wall between the street front rooms was suspended above the floor, and below the ceiling, to give maximum light and openness to a small single story terrace. The open plan living area was supplemented by a full-length glass skylight with external louvres for sun protection. Glass pivot doors opened onto the backyard.


Towlers Bay 

Use of stepped steel framed pavilions allows design to work around canopy trees and give northerly water views to all rooms on a steep waterfront site. The master bedroom is separated from guest bedrooms for privacy. A winter courtyard is created between bedrooms and living areas. Use of clearstory enhances bush and tree views. 


The brief was for a 3 bedroom family holiday retreat with  a seperate studio/ garage space. The four stepped steel framed pavilions allowed for each pavilion to get a water view of Saint Georges River on a long narrow site. The large connecting corridor was designed to display the owners art works.

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