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Morning Bay, Pittwater

Award winning designers’ own waterfront home and boatshed. Conceived as a home for two with self contained guest accommodation below. Roof pitch is low for easy clean access as all rainwater is collected for household use. All wastewater is recycled. Use of clearstory enhances the bush setting as well as water views. Timber post and beam construction was used to follow local traditions as well as the property being accessed by boat only. 

Scotland Island

Large family retreat  with studio and multiple guest accommodation. Longer than average waterfront allows for separation of pavilions to give greater transparency. Guest bedrooms are separated to create self-contained privacy. Deck positions allow for prevailing weather conditions in both winter and summer. All rainwater collected and wastewater recycled. 


New living room and entry to existing steel pole house in order to achieve views to ocean as well as Pittwater. New extension cantilevers over wet edge pool

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