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Under the Lighthouse Dancing

This beachhouse was conceived for the Australian feature film – Under The Lighthouse Dancing - staring Jack Thompson and Jacqueline McKenzie. The stunning coastline and azure waters of Rottnest demanded a simple and classic design. The interiors were kept very casual using Matisse motifs and handcrafted ‘stick’ doors. While built specifically for the film, the building still had to comply to building codes and upon completion of filming was dismantled and re-erected on the banks of the Swan river.



This was the main setting created for the surreal comedy by Ben Elton.

Its key features were a ground level construction created full scale on location near Cooperpedy with the remainder of the main building created by the use of a ‘hanging miniature’. The Clowns head

was achieved in a similar manner. This was before the days of the now much used CGI.

The Delinquents

Story of young love against the odds. Set in Brisbane in the 50's. Numerous street facades were created.  Starred Kylie Minogue

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